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We are Safeway Ibérica

Who are we
Founded in 2002, Safeway Iberica Lda. is a 100% Portuguese company with it's headquarters in Sintra, Portugal. We followed the tecnological (r)evolution from the past few years and we are constantly focused in finding and develop tecnological solutions, that can be a contribution to simplify and expedite the life of our clients. We rely on 15 years of experience in distribution and development of new tecnologies.

Our Values
We are ambitious! We strongly beleive that it's possible to do more and better. In a ever growing universe, those who don't grow, decreases.

We are determined and persistent. We face the obstacles has a game and not as barriers.

It was our Adaptability, Transformation and Innovation that allowed us to survive throughout our 17 years of existence. In 2002, we began as a Computer Wholesaler, in 2006 we change our course and created a B2C Store in Portugal, specialized exclusively in the sale of products from the Japanese manufacturer Brother. In 2008, we created a Department for development of online stores and platforms. Developed TacasRemote, the first and only Remote Assistance Software 100% Portuguese, CargoCastle a Managing platform for Delivery Companies and the online Strategy Game Block. In 2018, we created the Mobility Department for the sale of Mobility Scooters, Starlifts and Bathroom Solutions. In 2019, we created the Dental Department for the sale of the Dental Laboratory Micromotor from the Korean brand Saeshin precision Co.,LTD, 3D Printers and Dental CAD/CAM (Scanners and CNC milling machines).

We believe in honesty, integrity and respect. We have the upmost respect with our commitments with employees, clients and suppliers. We build trustworthy relationships.